Durable Insulated & Wood Siding

Create a stunning look while you keep your home protected from the elements when you turn to Quality Siding & Roofing in South Glens Falls, New York. Our contractors specialize in installing quality materials, including insulated siding and wood siding. We offer a wide variety of options from brands like Mastic Siding™, CertainTeed Siding™, and James Hardie™, and our team is here to help you make the perfect choice for your residence.

Vinyl Siding

Made from PVC, vinyl siding has been around since the early 1960s. Throughout the years, technology advancements and unique manufacturing styles have made vinyl a popular choice for homeowners everywhere. Vinyl siding can even duplicate the look of many high-end accents, including stone, slate, and wood.
• Low-Maintenance
• Durable
• Fade-Resistant
• Lifetime Warranties (for Most Brands)
• Cannot Be Painted
• Repairs Require Replacement of Entire Sections

Insulated Siding

In the late 1990s, insulated siding was created. It is a kind of vinyl siding that contains the insulation already glued inside. Over time, this choice has gained recognition for providing increased energy efficiency in homes.
• Lays Flatter & Creates Straighter Lines than Standard Siding
• Reduces Heat Loss or Gain
• Reduces outside Noise
• Costs More than Conventional Vinyl Siding

Engineered Wood

Created by mixing wood by-products like sawdust and wood shavings, this siding combines the beautiful look of wood with increased strength. Wood siding can be purchased with a primer and color already applied or without. Most manufacturers offer it in a full rainbow of colors, or you can create a custom shade based on your design ideas.
• Lighter Weight
• Custom Colors
• Pre-Primed or Painted
• Resistant to Insect Damage
• Periodic Maintenance Required
• Must Be Painted for Proper Weatherproofing

Cement Board Siding

Often referred to as Hardie board siding, cement board is known for its durability and affordable price. It is available in a variety of textures and colors. It can be made to replicate other siding materials, including cedar shingles, wood boards, and wood shake.
• 10 to 15 Year Warranties (from Our Manufacturers)
• Color Choices Are Virtually Unlimited
• Fire Resistant (Made out of Sand & Cement)
• Heavier Material Requires More Resources to Install
• Requires Some Maintenance

Wood Siding

For a timeless, classic look, wood siding is the perfect choice. Some types of wood siding include machine-cut shingles, hand-cut shakes, clapboard, and solid wood. Cedar and redwood are two common materials used.
• Comes in a Variety of Types and Styles
• Readily Available & Can Be Installed Quickly
• Water and Insect Damage
• Regular Maintenance Can Be Costly

Composite Siding

This mixture is a popular choice for any home. It is made from a variety of materials, including wood-polymer composite or granular stones. Positives and negatives for this choice depend on the types of materials used in the composite.
Contact our contractors to install insulated siding or wood siding on your property.